What it’s like to have a chauffeur in London

So this whirlwind trip to London has been somewhat of an out of body experience – a classic alien adventure – but not unpleasant I must add. The full Vanessa G experience (which why I am flying to dinner in London)  starts when I landed in London and being met by a personal chauffeur. No mini-bus transfer or other such indignities. Each member of the press has his or her own call-when-you-need-me chauffeur driving a sparkly Mercedes Benz.

We all get whisked away to the Dorchester, one of London’s finest grand dames. It is the recent hang out of a number of celebs who want it posh, but hushed. Service of course is impeccable, just as you have it in 5 star establishments in Asia, except most of the staff are Eastern European. Decor is…well, how to put this diplomatically…as if Laura Ashley had dropped a cap of acid and decided to “have fun” – but now I’m just splitting floral prints.

Once settled, I get to work immediately and am assigned an early interview slot with Vanessa Gounden – the brains behind this global luxury brand launch. When I ask her how she intends to bridge the gap of our digital world and the very tactile world of handcrafted, bespoke clothing, she says emphatically that it will be all about impeccable service and the full Vanessa G experience. (the personal chauffeur being a taste of things to come). Well, Ms Gounden surely knows how to lay on a luxe experience.

After the interview is complete, I get back to my room to discover a Vanessa G goodie bag. There are not the usual fragrant-product-media-appeasement type of gift, but an iPad with the collection campaign visuals pre-loaded as well as the necessary press releases. You can’t not be impressed. Still buzzing with the thrill of a rather thoughtful (and well thought out) media gift, I make my way to the Dorchester spa, where I am booked for a manicure (working on that iPad needs short, well-groomed nails). I emerge with alarmingly shiny nails, which catch the rare London sunlight.

Then with a quick call to Andy, my chauffeur, I am whisked away to the V&A to catch the Yohji Yamamoto retrospective. Traffic is time consuming in London, but it sure is more pleasant that breathing in dead skin cells that float in the  hot, underground air, when taking the tube. Once finished at the V&A, all I do is call Andy to pick me up again to drop me at Harvey Nicks.

Like I said before, not an unpleasant experience…

Next up, the dinner I came to London for.


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