#alien adventures: So was it worth flying to London for dinner?

So the big question is, was it worth flying to London for dinner?

The quick answer: Yes it was.

30 international press – a mix of South African, French, Indian and British – had been flown into London for dinner and the launch of the Vanessa G luxury label. We were accommodated at The Dorchester, where the dinner was to take place, but no details were given before hand. So it was only when we all received our itineraries that we realised the extent of the culinary adventure that lay ahead.  The Vanessa G dining experience started with pre-dinner drinks at the Dorchester’s bar: pink Laurent Perrier bubbly to get the taste buds dancing.

The dinner was held at the Alain Ducasse restaurant situated inside the Dorchester. Alain Ducasse is a legendary chef and this restaurant has 3 Michelin Stars to it’s name [he is actually the first chef to own restaurants carrying three Michelin Stars in three different cities]. What he (and the Vanessa G team) had planned for us was a 7 course “taster” menu. If you read one of my earlier blogs (Omakase) you’d know that I am quite partial to culinary adventures, especially ones that come in chapters, and this meal was like encyclopedia.

Each course was, naturally, accompanied by a specifically chosen wine to compliment the rather complex sounding, but sublimely delicious dish. However, unlike the Japanese ritual of Kaiseki, these taster courses were not ungenerous, so by the time desert came round everyone was  – how shall I put this – elegantly wasted. You were full, but couldn’t turn down the opportunity to just try another mouthful, and tipsy, but couldn’t turn down the opportunity to see how the wine complimented the dish.

I will just let the pictures below tell the full story. (I do apologise for the bad lighting, but documenting your meal with flash photography is not the sort of thing one does at the Dorchester… and I must also apologise for two of the courses being half eaten before being photographed, but the allure of the food was rather overwhelming…)

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More on the actual Vanessa G collection launch still to come…

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