Bethea’S: good hair days, far from the maddening crowds

I’m not a hair salon type of person. You know the kind – big, busy, bustling, noisy – where gossip and hair-altering chemicals mingle in a headache-inducing mix. If you are an Elle reader you might have caught a column I wrote about about the day my Buddhist hair stylist moved to London. This is what I wrote:

“It seems sad that we [his clients] all need to scatter, like displaced refugees seeking good hair days. Will we ever find happiness in the great salons of the north? Will we ever get used to the frenetic cross fire of gossip, hairdryers and communal chemical fumes of a regular salon? I think not. However, an old friend, who used to cut my hair back in the day, has returned to her origional craft after taking a career off-ramp and returning from a long business adventure. It will seem strange, but at least there will be familiarity. She also takes appointments after hours, so I won’t have the indignity of having gum chewing, wild haired apprentices mooching around whilst I have my cut.”

I am now happy to report that my friend Bethea has opened up her own bespoke hair space (I would hate to degrade it by calling it a salon). It’s not quite Buddhist, but it is also a million miles from “the great salons of the north”. To start with – like the Buddhist hair space run by Achalarajah – this is a one woman show, so it is just you in the space: you get Bethea’s full attention. Not only that but there is the new-found delight of a full-recline hair wash, meaning that instead of the neck-breaking instruments of torture that some salons make you endure when you get your hair washed, you get to lie almost flat while your head gets massaged my the talented hands of Jo (Achalarajah’s, and now Bethea’s trusty right hand).

Bethea’s may not be everyone’s cup of tea…but that’s the point.

If you’re allergic to “the great salons of the north” give Bethea a call on: 076 453 9405

Bethea'S full-recline hair wash

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