#alien adventures: high fashion for naked apes

Stylist-turned-designer (and overall good mensch) Shaldon Kopman, has been quietly honing his craft for tailored menswear for the past few years. As all good designers should, he waited until he felt his fashion offering was ready, before officially  launching the label last year. In just a couple of seasons, he has already sharpened his tailoring, polished his finish and hit his stride as one of South Africa’s most exciting menswear designers. His impeccable taste, not to mention his affable nature, shines through in his clothing. Nothing pretentious here – no shiny BEE suits – just cool, calm and collected menswear for men who are at ease with themselves, and don’t need to push their sartorial credentials.

Oh, and his summer collection (unveiled at the recent SA fashion week) sported THE best footwear. I’ve already ordered a pair.

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2 Responses to “#alien adventures: high fashion for naked apes”
  1. Bethea Clayton says:

    wonderful , he is so deserving ! Dion thank you for your insight , your wit and your words !

  2. Brian Mpono says:

    couldn’t have put it better myself; a short-write-up by Dion Chang on naked ape, certainly a feather in Naked Ape Designs’ cap. It was indeed been an honour and a privelage working with Shaldon. The first we met at Sandton City, fountain court SAFW’s design room pop-up shop for designers. we were the first and only footwear exhibitors adding value to SAFW. I met Shaldon October 2010….we spoke collaboration, and the rest, well, is history in the making. as Creative Brand Strategist for daniele di mauro footwear, I would like to thank Shaldon (naked ape designs) for affording us the opportunity of creating stylish footwear designs to complete his collection. Grazie mille, WATCH THIS SPACE!

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