#alien adventures: superella’s super space

The Bamboo Centre in Melville is one of Jozi’s creative hot spots that carries an unassuming air of dignified calm. It houses, amongst others, the ever popular, Service Station (who’s harvest table is always delicious), a retail anchor for Black Coffee, the brilliant design house Entrophy and off-beat jewellery curator, Tinsel. But the centre alone is not what makes this little nook of Melville so appealing. Just across the road are a row of delightfully eccentric shops … although to call them mere shops would be a terrible insult.

(Actor/artist) Sue Pam Grant was one of the first to open a space that couldn’t be classified in normal retail terms. It is part artist’s studio, part gallery, occasional rehearsal room, and all round living installation. Designer Superella also moved in about a year ago and added to the somewhat “Tales of the City” mood of the street. Ella has recently moved a few spaces down to a larger corner shop, and her previous spot has just been taken over by designer Suzaan Heyns, who added her own stylish edge to the creative cluster.

Impressive mix. If you haven’t seen this creative hot spot in Jozi, then do make an effort.

However, my current favourite is Superella’s new space. It’s another “slashy” – ie: working studio/production floor/retail space/not-quite-but-almost art space dressed with found objects/interesting place to just experience. From the handwritten sign that greets you at the door, to the myriad of little things that catch the eye, to her actual clothes, Ella has created a space that is as true to her brand as her fashion handwriting is to her being.

I do hope the slide show translates the charm.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

One Response to “#alien adventures: superella’s super space”
  1. coelho says:

    so appreciate & admire superellas work,love the vibe & aesthetic she has

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