#alienadventures: how men in China keep their cool (literally)

When the heat hits the upper 30’s and humidity hovers around 80%, a man’s gotta do what he has to, to keep cool, and the simplest way (apparently) is just to hike up your t-shirt and expose your belly. It’s a strange sight but you see it all over China: in rural cities as well as the big, slick mega cities. One would think that if your six pack was not sharply honed, you’d be less inclined to show the world your gut, but not so for many men in China, who simply want to regulate their body temperature.

I can tell you that when you are sweaty, clammy and sticky, and soldiering through oppressive heat and humidity, a mid-section breeze actually does the trick rather effectively…but my western-trained brain puts modesty before relief. So perhaps it’s a cultural thing, but then again, I suspect you just reach a stage where all that matters is finding some cool relief.

Here’s a selection of some chiseled show-offs, as well as those who just crave the breeze.

Shirts up! Stomachs out!


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2 Responses to “#alienadventures: how men in China keep their cool (literally)”
  1. amanda laird cherry says:

    With temperatures here at 40 and 41 degrees and humidity of 86% I wish I could do this!

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