#alienadventures(china) – the Asian two-wheel commute: getting there is the fun part [photo essay]

Anyone who has been to Asia will know that two wheeled transport is what really gets the masses moving. Whether it’s an old-school bicycle, a new fangled electric bike, or your ever-present mosquito bike, the ones that drone and spew toxic noise and fumes, the two-wheeled commute is a surprisingly calm and laid back affair. China’s emerging mass middle class has only recently made the leap from two wheeled transport, to four wheeled transport, so two wheeled transport has been a way of life for a long, long time, and with experience comes ingenuity.

“Deliver 6 water cooler tanks … with my motorbike?  No problem.”

The combination of who and what was transported on two wheels is fascinating – especially if you come from a country that doesn’t really utilise two wheel transport: from a 3 child + grandpa school-and-back run, to the guys delivering half a dozen cylindrical water tanks with their motorbikes. But my most favorite by far, were the office girls. Neat, polished and sitting side saddle on the back of a bike, hitching a ride to work and alighting daintily onto the pavement at their destination.

Enjoy the ride. They certainly do.


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