#alienadventures: the ressurection (sort of)


Yes I know it’s been a while, but isn’t that the nature of blogs?

There are those who are dedicated, and usually they make a business of it. Good for them. Then there are the other let’s-try-this-blog-thing-out bloggers, who generally contribute to the trail of dead end blogs littering cyberspace.      I fall into the latter group but have enough of a guilty conscience to at least try and resuscitate my alien adventure musings, although I must admit that the recent subscribers to my blog has accelerated the guilt – damn you guys…but hello and welcome.

In my defense, since starting this blog, I have subsequently taken on more writing jobs than I can handle. Of the regular columns I write, I write a fortnightly column for City Press, a monthly column for Advantage magazine and a quarterly column for Acumen (a new business publication for GIBS). So to keep the new (and faithful) followers of this blog happy, I might re-post some features which I think should have a wider audience, but I will also endeavor to keep blogging (he says, fingers crossed behind his back).

One slight change is that these blogs may track some very bizarre situations I have found myself in, during my years working in the fashion and magazine industry, which was the origional plan for the blog, hence “alien adventures” (geddit?), but overall anything I find surreal that I come across, I will share.


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