#alienadventures: the meaning of #JFGI

The theory goes that it used to be that our elders were the font of wisdom. For anyone who has young kids, they now realise – or have to come to terms with – that they are no longer the font of wisdom, Google is.

It’s therefore is puzzling, especially on platforms like twitter where brevity is fundamental, how people ask the most inane questions (usually coming into a conversation late – in old-school speak “picking up stompies“), when they have a tool like Google literally at their fingertips.

Lazy? Obviously.

Irritating? Hell yes!

Makes the person asking the question look even more stupid? Definitely.

So when someone asks the inevitable stupid question on social media, just reply with #JFGI – “Just Fucking Google It

…but be prepared for the follow-on stupid question.”what’s #JFGI?”

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