#alien adventures: high fashion for naked apes

Stylist-turned-designer (and overall good mensch) Shaldon Kopman, has been quietly honing his craft for tailored menswear for the past few years. As all good designers should, he waited until he felt his fashion offering was ready, before officially  launching the label last year. In just a couple of seasons, he has already sharpened his tailoring, … Continue reading

#alien adventures: not to be missed – Deborah Bell at Circa and Everard Read

If you haven’t yet had the pleasure of acquainting yourself with the work of Deborah bell, then do yourself a favour and head to (both) the Everard Read and Circa galleries in Jozi. Bell has been a long time collaborator with William Kentridge and the late great, Robert Hodgins. Her previous work has moved from … Continue reading

Bethea’S: good hair days, far from the maddening crowds

I’m not a hair salon type of person. You know the kind – big, busy, bustling, noisy – where gossip and hair-altering chemicals mingle in a headache-inducing mix. If you are an Elle reader you might have caught a column I wrote about about the day my Buddhist hair stylist moved to London. This is … Continue reading

Recreate at Design Indaba

My favourite pick at the Design Indaba Expo not only embraces the trend for upcycling, but also reinvents iconic South African objects or craft, with innovation and a humorous twist. [“Upcycling” is the process of converting waste materials or seemingly useless products into new materials or products, of better quality or a higher environmental value. … Continue reading

First glance: Design Indaba Expo

The Design Indaba Expo opened today, and many felt that exhibitors had upped their game from last year, which was considered too craft heavy. It is always hard to balance the talks at the Design Indaba with having a leisurely look at all on display at the Expo – the programme is just too intense. … Continue reading

Shoe fetish anyone?

Most people love shoes, and I’m no stranger to the tribe. My interest in shoes is more specific though. I live in trainers, but collect really unusual shoes. I made a decision a few years ago to only buy really unique shoes, so as a result, my shoe collection is not that vast (compared to … Continue reading

Robert Graham trilby’s

So it’s no secret that I am partial to wearing trilby’s. On my recent trip to LA, I stumbled upon a great designer store – Robert Graham – on the trendy Abott Kinney road, who had one of the best selections I have ever seen. Visit the webiste on: http://www.robertgraham.us/webstore/mens.aspx