#alienadventures: The Rise of the South African “Slackoisie” (Prounounced “Slack-wah-zee)

My latest column for City Press seems to have hit a nerve, so I’ve decided to republish my origional column as a blog-post. The column hinges around the “slackoisie” a delicious term used to describe young law professionals – and increasingly – the work ethic of the Y- generation, or millennials. But I have used … Continue reading

#alienadventures(china): park life – chillin’ with the elders

One of the most endearing things about Chinese culture is the strong sense of community, and noticeably in old-age, when you need it most. Every morning and every evening, wherever there is a community square, there’ll be dancing. Not a organised, let’s-get-a-party-started, type dancing, but more a daily exercise routine that’s pleasantly social. Once the … Continue reading

#alienadventures(china) – the Asian two-wheel commute: getting there is the fun part [photo essay]

Anyone who has been to Asia will know that two wheeled transport is what really gets the masses moving. Whether it’s an old-school bicycle, a new fangled electric bike, or your ever-present mosquito bike, the ones that drone and spew toxic noise and fumes, the two-wheeled commute is a surprisingly calm and laid back affair. … Continue reading

#alienadventures(China): more food porn – the vacumn packed fetish variety

OK so the Chinese eat weird stuff, but can the weird be turned into eat-as-you-go convenience food? Of course. Here’s a short sampling of some of the “I can’t believe you made that into fast food” moments in China.

Fresh off the virtual press: Shanghai’s green heart (exclusively for VISI)

I warned you that there would be a lot of posts after my China trip – there’s just so much to write about. After a meeting with Visi editor, Jacquie Myburgh-Chemally, I was commissioned to write an exclusive piece for the magazine on Shanghai’s green philosophy, and forward-thinking urban planning. This is the feature, hot … Continue reading

#alienadventures(China): behold my pale arms

Like many cultures around the world, in ancient China the paler you were, the more beautiful you were seen to be – as well as of a higher social class: it is only blue-collared workers who toil outdoors in the sun.  This belief lives on in the 21st century. In modern China, many women rely … Continue reading

#alienadventures: how men in China keep their cool (literally)

When the heat hits the upper 30’s and humidity hovers around 80%, a man’s gotta do what he has to, to keep cool, and the simplest way (apparently) is just to hike up your t-shirt and expose your belly. It’s a strange sight but you see it all over China: in rural cities as well … Continue reading

#alienadventures: streetstyle in China

People watching is always pleasant past-time, especially in a developing nation like China where new affluence and conspicuous consumption wrestles with an emerging street savy identity. These pictures were taken on the streets of Beijing and Shanghai last week. The Shanghai girls were the most sophisticated and polished, favouring lots of sheer flowing chiffons. Their … Continue reading

#alienadventures: Into food porn? This is the hard-core S&M kind.

So I’m back from a 2 week tour of China, and what an experience it was: part culture shock (yes, even if you are Asian), part historic time warp, part future wonderland, but an all round eye opener. There is so much to share, so expect numerous posts around Alien Adventures in China for the … Continue reading

#alienadventures: when life imitates art – what’s it’s like to experience a parallel universe

So how’s this for an alien experience? On Thursday I leave for an extended trip to China. The first four days of the trip will be spent in smaller cities in Guangdong province, South China, where my family originated from. This leg of the trip was planned so that my brother’s family (who all live … Continue reading