#alienadventures: Helsinki – the quintessential alien adventure

Monocle magazine voted Helsinki the best city on the planet to live this year, so my recent trip there was perfectly timed to see what the fuss was all about. In short here are the pro’s and con’s in brief: Pro’s: There were only 5 (yes 5!) murders in the last year (in Jozi that’s … Continue reading

#alienadventures: Lunchtime thought. Throwing away food while people starve. The human race is an odd lot.

Did you read the tragic, actually horrific, story about the the four Mmupele children from a place called “Verdwaal” (which means “lost” in Afrikaans) who died of hunger and thirst in the veld as they went in search of their mothers who had gone to look for work or food on a neighbouring farm? The … Continue reading

#alienadventures: Hungry? Try the Leopard – Andrea Burgener’s new eatery in Jozi

Andrea Burgener and food go together like hot toffee pudding and ice cream – her food is familiar, comforting, unpretentious,  deceptively simple but always with a deliciously decadent (or quirky) twist. For those who have never had the pleasure, Andrea was the founder of the very popular Deluxe restaurant, first in Richmond and then later … Continue reading

#alienadventures(China): more food porn – the vacumn packed fetish variety

OK so the Chinese eat weird stuff, but can the weird be turned into eat-as-you-go convenience food? Of course. Here’s a short sampling of some of the “I can’t believe you made that into fast food” moments in China.

#alienadventures: Into food porn? This is the hard-core S&M kind.

So I’m back from a 2 week tour of China, and what an experience it was: part culture shock (yes, even if you are Asian), part historic time warp, part future wonderland, but an all round eye opener. There is so much to share, so expect numerous posts around Alien Adventures in China for the … Continue reading

#alienadventures: nirvana for chilli lovers. Perfect for cold weather.

If you love chilli, you’ll LOVE Chong Qing chicken – a Chinese dish from the Sichuan region, known for its spicy food. I first came across Chong Qing Chicken in Singapore. I had just flown in and it was my birthday, so I wanted to celebrate with a special meal. I honed in on the … Continue reading

#alien adventures: Hungry? Try Skate Wings – looks alien, but it’s delicious

So during the extended Easter break I (re)discovered my inner Juliet Childs. For some inexplicable reason, I had an overwhelming urge to cook skate wings. I was first introduced to this delicious fish whilst waiting tables at a swish restaurant in London (never underestimate the life lessons you learn from waiting tables). If you’ve never … Continue reading

#alien adventures: So was it worth flying to London for dinner?

So the big question is, was it worth flying to London for dinner? The quick answer: Yes it was. 30 international press – a mix of South African, French, Indian and British – had been flown into London for dinner and the launch of the Vanessa G luxury label. We were accommodated at The Dorchester, … Continue reading

Detox hallucinations

Coming off a week long detox – no caffeine, no alcohol, no meat, no carbs, no fun…just steamed veggies – it is understandable that my thoughts revolve rather obsessively around food: preferably something greasy, fried or with refined sugars and no nutritional merit. The ghosts of croissants past visited me this morning, along with their … Continue reading


I love Japanese culture and especially love Japanese food. Ever since hearing about Kaiseki or kaiseki ryōri (a traditional multi-course Japanese dinner, generally served in small, exquisitely crafted, starter-like portions, which are themselves individual works of art), I have been lusting for the experience. On a recent trip to visit my brother in LA, I … Continue reading