#alienadventures: Comme des Garcons: White Drama exhibition, Paris

The reason I love traveling is because of sights like these. I was in Paris recently, and only by chance saw a poster in the metro advertising this exhibition. It was a small fringe exhibition, but the content and concept stayed with me. You’ll see why when you view the slideshow…  

#alienadventures: you know you’re in Paris when…(observation 4: OTT retail spaces)

With a city as beautiful as Paris, retail spaces need to blend in with the architecture, not try and reinvent them. As a result you come across the most unexpected spaces and shop fronts. Either the facade belies what is behind – like this Apple iStore: … or you get a big surprize when you … Continue reading

#alienadventures: you know you’re in Paris when…(observation 3: luxe mcdonalds)

Only in Paris would your local McDonald’s come with a sensible (and sensitively laid out) al fresco eating area. Not only are the McCafe’s in Paris hyper chic, but they ensure you get the brasserie eating experience even when chomping on a Big Mac and chips – or, as they would say – Grand Mac … Continue reading

#alienadventures: you know you’re in Paris when…(observation 2: fierce shoes)

The women are as fierce as their shoes are. So it’s true. French women don’t eat croissants. It’s how they manage to squeeze into those designer labels. Spotted in department store Bon Marche was this fierce example. Crisp white coat, with heels and leggings to catch the eye – and catch my eye they did. … Continue reading

#alienadventures: you know you’re in Paris when…(observation 1: pampered pooches)

The street beggars have dogs, and the dogs are better groomed than their owners. It’s a known fact that the French love their pets. Anyone who has walked the streets of Paris would have (sooner or later) had to scrape some merde off the soles of their shoes – it’s a rite of passage. You … Continue reading