#alienadventures(China): behold my pale arms

Like many cultures around the world, in ancient China the paler you were, the more beautiful you were seen to be – as well as of a higher social class: it is only blue-collared workers who toil outdoors in the sun.  This belief lives on in the 21st century. In modern China, many women rely … Continue reading

#alienadventures: how men in China keep their cool (literally)

When the heat hits the upper 30’s and humidity hovers around 80%, a man’s gotta do what he has to, to keep cool, and the simplest way (apparently) is just to hike up your t-shirt and expose your belly. It’s a strange sight but you see it all over China: in rural cities as well … Continue reading

#alienadventures: Into food porn? This is the hard-core S&M kind.

So I’m back from a 2 week tour of China, and what an experience it was: part culture shock (yes, even if you are Asian), part historic time warp, part future wonderland, but an all round eye opener. There is so much to share, so expect numerous posts around Alien Adventures in China for the … Continue reading

#alienadventures: when life imitates art – what’s it’s like to experience a parallel universe

So how’s this for an alien experience? On Thursday I leave for an extended trip to China. The first four days of the trip will be spent in smaller cities in Guangdong province, South China, where my family originated from. This leg of the trip was planned so that my brother’s family (who all live … Continue reading

#alienadventures: How the elders in China start the day…and why they are unstoppable.

I know it’s been a while since my last post, but lately my mind has been somewhat distracted by travel plans. In a few weeks time my immediate family will embark on a rather epic journey – a tour of China. My mother has generously decided to treat us all to a tour of “the … Continue reading

#alien adventures: not to be missed – Deborah Bell at Circa and Everard Read

If you haven’t yet had the pleasure of acquainting yourself with the work of Deborah bell, then do yourself a favour and head to (both) the Everard Read and Circa galleries in Jozi. Bell has been a long time collaborator with William Kentridge and the late great, Robert Hodgins. Her previous work has moved from … Continue reading

#alien adventures: So was it worth flying to London for dinner?

So the big question is, was it worth flying to London for dinner? The quick answer: Yes it was. 30 international press – a mix of South African, French, Indian and British – had been flown into London for dinner and the launch of the Vanessa G luxury label. We were accommodated at The Dorchester, … Continue reading

What it’s like to have a chauffeur in London

So this whirlwind trip to London has been somewhat of an out of body experience – a classic alien adventure – but not unpleasant I must add. The full Vanessa G experience (which why I am flying to dinner in London)  starts when I landed in London and being met by a personal chauffeur. No … Continue reading

Flying to London…for dinner

There’s a delicious smugness when you can say, “I’m flying to London…for dinner“, and that’s just what I’m going to do tomorrow night. Well, it’s not that indulgent, I’m staying to see a fashion show as well… This indulgent alien adventure comes courtesy of one Vanessa Gounden, a South African businesswomen who has always had … Continue reading

The Getty Garden: a registered work of art

On a recent trip to LA, I had the pleasure of visiting the Getty Centre. Perched on a hill near west LA, it has a 360 degree view of la la land – and I was there on a miraculously clear day. The building itself is an architectural wonder and is built from the same … Continue reading